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Alaska Utility Installation, Alaska Directional
Alaska Directional Drilling, Beach Approach
Beach Approaches

With the latest locating techology available, we are able to accurately locate and provide graphed asbuilts on request.


Alaska Utility Installation
Utility Installation

We are capable of all utility forms of utility installations from underground to overhead.

Alaska Utilty Installtion
Directional Drilling

Our equipment set up is uniquely adapted for Alaska's climates. 


We have enclosed, heated cabs on our drill rigs which keep our guys working in the summer rains and cold Alaska winters. 


Our mixing systems are set up in enclosed, heated box trucks, giving us the ability to work on projects all winter long.

Alaska Utilty Installtion

Cellular Tower

We have the industry’s leading team and we are on the cutting edge of Cellular and Telecommunications design, build outs, permitting, and maintenance.  


Our staff is trained in the highest safety standards to ensure no downtime and project completion above and beyond expectations.

We have added a 2014 Vermeer 100x140 to our fleet of drills. This is currently the largest Horizontal Directional Drill in the state. What this means, is that we are now capable of drilling single bores up to 3000' and pipe diameter of up to 30"!

Alaska Directional, LLC


200 East Commercial Drive

Palmer, Alaska 99645

(907) 357-9015 Office

(907) 357-9027 Fax

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